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Hyundai Vehicle Information:



Auto Glass OE Manufacturer : Fuyao


Founded in 1967 in South Korea, Hyundai is a relative newcomer to theautomotive industry. Nonetheless, it has become a major competitor inthe marketplace. Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia form the world’s fifthlargest auto manufacturer, according to 2012 data. Combined Hyundaiand Kia sales in 2012 totaled over seven million vehicles worldwide. Asof May 2013, Forbes estimates Hyundai’s annual sales at $75 billionand the company’s equity value at $41 billion. The Hyundai facility inUlsan, South Korea is the world’s largest auto manufacturing plant,according to CNN. Founder Chung Ju-Yung created his first business, theHyundai Engineering and Construction Company, in 1947. The HyundaiMotor Company was founded twenty years later, and Hyundaipartnered with Ford on Hyundai’s first vehicle in 1968. Called theCortina, it was manufactured under the Ford name and became thebestselling vehicle in the entire United Kingdom from 1972 to 1981. Inrecent years, Hyundai has focused on creating higher-quality vehiclesin order to improve public opinion of the company. Hyundai’s brandvalue nearly doubled between 2005 and 2011, making it the fastestgrowing auto company of 2010 and 2011 according to consulting firmInterbrand.

Hyundai Windshield Replacement

Popular Makes and Models

Hyundai has created a number of very popular consumer vehicles inrecent years, and many of its vehicles appeal to youngerdemographics. It has brand new vehicles available at prices rangingfrom $13,000 all the way up to $65,000, and Hyundai focuses oncompact, mid-size, and crossover vehicles. Popular models include theAccent, the Elantra, the Sonata, and the Santa Fe. The Hyundai Accenthas been on the market since 1994, although in 2000 the HyundaiVerna assumed its name everywhere except in South Korea. TheAccent is a wildly popular small family car in North America, andcontinuous safety improvements have made the fourth-generationAccent series (any Accent manufactured during or after 2010) worthyof a four-star NHTSA safety rating and an IIHS rating of “Good” or“Acceptable” depending on the crash type.The Santa Fe was introduced in 2001 and was Hyundai’s first attemptat an SUV. In spite of journalistic criticism of its appearance, the SantaFe was an instant hit in the United States. The initial production run ofthe Santa Fe could not satisfy worldwide demand, and it is now knownthat Hyundai’s manufacturing plant had significant difficulty keepingup with sales. The second-generation Santa Fe was a ConsumerReports Top Pick and one of Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Vehicles of2008. The Santa Fe sports a torque management system that helps tocontrol slipping. When a wheel starts to slip, the torque managementsystem sends extra power to whichever wheels have more solidtraction. The 2012 model of the Santa Fe features electronic stabilitycontrol and side airbags for all rows. Hyundai ceased production of thesecond-generation Santa Fe with the 2012 model and a hybrid model.The third generation of Santa Fe, released for the 2013 model year,gets 33 MPG and features a 2.4L engine with 190 horsepower.

What’s Coming in 2014

Hyundai has big plans for the coming year, and is set to fundamentallychange the automotive industry as we know it. The company’s flagshipoffering for 2014 will be the new Tucson, featuring an electric motorthat is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This new SUV will be the firstever hydrogen-powered consumer vehicle to be mass marketed in theUnited States. The release of this vehicle is revolutionary in alternativefuel research. Hydrogen fuel cell technology has been around for years,but issues with cost and safety have prevented auto manufacturersfrom using them in mass-market consumer vehicles. Until now,hydrogen fuel cells have been reserved for prototype vehicles. Hyundaistates that it has solved these safety problems, and the rear-mountedfuel cell tank has gone through several crash tests and has proven tobe completely safe. Other major manufacturers like General Motors arestill working on a viable hydrogen-powered prototype. Hyundai’s newhydrogen-powered Tucson will be publicized as a concept carthroughout 2014, and is expected to become available for purchase in2015.

Windshield and Windshield Manufacturer Information

The Fuyao Glass Industry Group, a Chinese company, manufacturesHyundai windshields. Fuyao has its headquarters in Fuqing, China, andwas founded in 1987. Fuyao produces a range of glass products for theautomotive and construction industries, including bulletproof glass andsafety glass. Other auto manufacturers who use Fuyao glass in theirvehicles are General Motors, Ford, Audi, Honda, and Mazda. Fuyao hasreceived several industry awards, including the General MotorsSupplier of the Year Award for 2007, the PACCAR Part Supplier of theYear Award for 2006, and the Ford Motor Company Gold Prize for theBest Global Supplier for 2000. Many Hyundai vehicles, including theElantra and the Sonata, come equipped with solar control glass thatblocks UV rays and helps to maintain a cooler interior temperature,thereby reducing the need for air conditioning.

New Features That Affect Windshield Replacement Prices

Models that incorporate UV blocking technology, like the Elantra andSonata, are generally more complex when it comes to windshieldreplacement. Solar control glass uses specialized materials to block UVrays and is manufactured in a specific manner. This means that themanufacturing process involves specialized tools and training, and istherefore more expensive. In the event that you need to replace theglass in your Elantra or Sonata, you will need to pay a higher fee inorder to acquire the specialized glass that keeps UV rays out than ifyou were to go for a standard windshield. However, aftermarket glassreplacement facilities do carry several solar windshields for reasonableprices. An OEM solar windshield is usually much more expensive thanan aftermarket solar windshield, and usually, the only difference is thelogo on the glass.There are also other factors that can influence how much it will cost toreplace your windshield. Any Hyundai Equus or Genesis manufacturedsince 2012 (and some manufactured in 2011) comes with rain sensingwindshield wipers as factory standard. Generally speaking, awindshield that contains a rain sensor is usually less expensive than awindshield that doesn’t contain one. However, this only applies whenreplacing windshields that have rain-sensing technology incorporatedas factory standard. This means that if your Hyundai rolled off theassembly line with a rain sensing windshield already installed, you canreplace it with another rain sensing windshield for a small price. It ismore expensive to install a rain sensor into a windshield as anaftermarket upgrade.


Hyundai is a major auto company that can attribute much of its recentsuccess and popularity to its high-quality automobiles. With models likethe Accent, which appeals to younger demographics, and the Santa Fe,the SUV that took the world by storm, Hyundai solidified its placeamong the world’s most successful auto manufacturers. In the comingyear and beyond, Hyundai will be making major investments intohydrogen technology; the company aims to release an accessiblehydrogen-powered consumer vehicle by 2015. Many Hyundai vehiclesincorporate solar glass technology and rain sensing windshields asfactory standards, and the cost of repairing or replacing thesewindshields will depend on whether you opt for an OEM or aftermarketreplacement. Aftermarket solutions are generally less expensive thanOEM parts, and an aftermarket windshield is usually quite reasonablypriced even with the solar or rain-sensing technology. In most cases,the only difference between an aftermarket and OEM solution is thelogo. With Hyundai vehicles growing in popularity, windshield repaircompanies are keeping Hyundai glass well stocked—so whether it’s thesporty Accent or the sturdy Santa Fe that catches your eye, you canrest assured that windshield repair is available for the Hyundai of yourchoice.


Korea Autoglass Corp company : Shareholders, managers and business summary | KOREA EXCHANGE: 152330

Manufactures safety glass for automobiles

KOREA AUTOGLASS Corp. engages in the manufacture and sale of safety glass for automobiles.

It operates through Automotive Safety Glass and Concrete Pile Business divisions.

The Automotive Safety Glass division provides front, sound proof, head up display, heating, rear, door, sun roof, clear, green, solar, and privacy glasses.

The Concrete Pile division offers prestressed high-strength concrete pile and others.

The company was founded on August 30, 2000 and is headquartered in Sejong-si, South Korea.

KRW (in Million)%KRW (in Million)%
Automotive Safety Glass Manufacture and Sales of Other438,80499.7%419,42988.8% -4.42%
Concrete Piles Manufacture and Sales of Other1,4220.3%52,72011.2% +3608.3%
KRW (in Million)%KRW (in Million)%
South Korea428,79797.4%462,66798% +7.9%
North America11,3152.6%9,3732% -17.16%
Europe113.460%109.590% -3.41%
Vote QuantityFloatCompany-owned sharesTotal Float
Share A 1 20,000,000 6,728,452 33.6% 0 0.0% 33.6%
Mong-Ik Chung 5,000,000 25.0%
KCC Corp. 3,980,000 19.9%
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. 2,000,000 10.0%
Korea Autoglass Corp. Esoa 1,247,208 6.24%
Sang-Young Jeong 930,000 4.65%
Hanwha Asset Management Co., Ltd. 928,585 4.64%
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP 174,777 0.87%
RAM Active Investments SA 81,959 0.41%
Won-Shik Joo 58,000 0.29%
TIAA-CREF Investment Management LLC 56,900 0.28%
Company contact information
KOREA AUTOGLASS Corp.134 Sandan-gilJeonui-myeonSejong-si, Sejong 30003

Phone : +82.44.860.5000Web : kac.kccworld.co.kr

Sector Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts - NEC

Connections : Korea Autoglass Corp

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Hyundai Windshield Replacement Prices & Local Auto Glass Quotes

Hyundai Windshield Replacement

Hyundai General Information

Hyundai Model Pictures

About Hyundai Auto Glass Replacement

History of Hyundai

Hyundai General Information

  • Hyundai Corporate Website
  • Hyundai Wikipedia Page
  • Company Type: Public Company; Hyundai Motor Company
  • Years in operation: 1967-Present
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • Locations: Global
  • Hyundai Auto Glass Original Equipment Manufacturer (Hyundai OEM glass): Fuyao
  • Popular Hyundai Models: Elantra, Excel, Scoupe, Sonata, Accent, Tiburon, Santa Fe, XG300, XG350, Tuscon, Azera, Entourage, Veracruz, Genesis, Equus, Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai Model Pictures

About Hyundai Auto Glass Replacement

Fuel efficient, stylish, and tough, Hyundai has everything you could ask for in an automobile. With an amazing 10 year warranty on its automobiles, Hyundai demonstrates the unshakeable confidence in its engineering skills. Quality cars that are dependable and reliable- that's what you get when you own a Hyundai. As a proud owner of one of these flawless automobiles, you should definitely ensure that you get only the best when you need windshield replacement or auto glass repair for your Hyundai.

Researching how Hyundai auto glass replacement prices compare with other cars allows you to find out if your service provider is offering good rates. On an average, auto glass replacement for the front passenger door of your Hyundai four door utility should cost you about half of replacing the same glass in a similar model Infiniti. Auto glass prices may be even less if you own an older model Hyundai utility. When compared with prices to replace the same door on a GMC four door utility, your Hyundai might still be cheaper. Replacing the more expensive rear passenger door on a four door Hyundai hatchback may not be as cheap as for a VW but should be comparable with a similar model Audi, GMC, or Ford Escort.

Hyundai manufactures an immense range of cars including compacts, sedans, hybrids, and crossovers. Within each category there are cars in a number of designs which means that each one may have widely differing auto glass needs. For example, the Hyundai Accent has the typical compact look with tapering rear door, front door, windshield, and back glass. Another Hyundai compact, the Elantra Touring (upcoming 2012 version), has quarter glass in addition to a square shaped rear door, front door, windshield, and back glass.

The former uses only 6 auto glass parts while the latter requires 8 for a complete vehicle glass replacement. Owing to such varying needs, it is clear that only an experienced auto glass technician will be able to quickly assess and ready the materials that will be required when you need Hyundai windshield replacement and auto glass repair.

A knowledgeable technician will be well aware of the special factors to keep in mind when carrying out Hyundai windshield replacement and auto glass repair. Some Hyundai cars, such as the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, have back glass with an exposed edge which is in close tolerance with the car's body. Special care needs to be taken to prevent damage to the pinchweld wall when the glass is being removed.

The molding used by many of these cars is the rain channeling type. This means that replacements will need to be kept ready before the work is started on the car. Pick a well established car glass service station to handle your Hyundai's replacements and they will ensure that all these aspects are covered during the work.

Hyundai Auto Glass Parts

Finding auto glass parts for your Hyundai should not be a difficult task because these automobiles are quite popular. You may even find some trustworthy auto glass service providers offering attractive prices on OEM, OEE, or after market glass from reliable manufacturers. These are the best deals for you. Avoid non branded glass or used glass as these will not last long or offer as much resilience to impact as the other glass. You may end up paying for another replacement soon after you have your glass replaced with such poor quality glass. Choose only those auto glass service providers who use high quality parts during the Hyundai windshield replacement and auto glass repair for best results.

The History of Hyundai

Hyundai didn't get off to a great start in North America. Although the Hyundai Excel sold more cars in its first year of release in the United States (with 126,000 cars sold) than any other brand, reliability came into question rather quickly. Because of many performance based problems and a high rate of necessary repairs, it became clear Excel was low-cost because corners had been cut to keep production costs low.

The Excel – and Hyundai – became the punch line to jokes and was laughed at by almost an entire country. Sales plummeted and many dealerships abandoned the model although some were able to turn a profit thanks in large part to repairs. That left Hyundai little option – change and improve the public's perception of the company or abandon the North American market. Hyundai chose the first option.

Hyundai has come along from those early days in the United States. By focusing on rebuilding their public image by investing more energy in developing high quality cars in terms of overall performance, design and manufacturing practices. To further back up this research, Hyundai offered an extensive warranty on all cars sold in the United States which was marketed as the Hyundai challenge.

In 2009, six Hyundai models were awarded the Top Safety Award, although some Kia models (Hyundai now owns Kia) were among those awarded. In the same year, Hyundai was named the most full-efficient automobile manufacturer in the United States.

No matter how safe and durable your car's design is, though, windshield repair can sometimes be necessary. Fill out the Auto Glass Quotez Form and get all the information you need on having your Hyundai's windshield repaired or replaced.

By Norman Newsome


Korea Auto Glass China Auto Glass For All Types Of Car Models

 Korea Auto Glass China Auto Glass for All Types of Car Models

Product Description

Coating thickness5-8μm
visible light transmission80-85%
UV-shielding rate99%
Near infrared Rejection85%
Compered with other objects under the sun10-12°C             

indoor temperature reduction

Noise reduction20-30 decibel
Energy saving25-35%
printingsilk printing
PackingWooden Case


  Glass manufacturing & wearhouse 


Our Services

 We can produce any kinds and dimensions of windscreen glass , for Golden Dragon we can aslo produce and supply.

 If  customers they have their own drawings and dimensions, we can aslo produce according to the requirements.

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