HYUNDAI H-CDM8043 инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн - Страница 4. Хендай h cdm8043

HYUNDAI H-CDM8043 инструкция онлайн просмотр


General operation

Reset the unit

Operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset the unit.Press REL button on the panel to open the panel and press the RESET hole with a point object to restore the unitto the original factory settings.

Power button

Press any button except EJECT and REL or insert the disc, USB or SD/ MMC card to turn the unit on. Press andhold for 0.5 seconds the


button to turn the unit off.



 to switch the set off.

Note: After the unit is off, the volume and radio settings will be memorized and will revert to it when the unit ison


Volume control

Volume adjustRotate the VOLUME knob on the panel to adjust the volume level.Setting the sound characteristicsPress shortly and repeatedly the SEL button to select the audio setting: VOL, BAS, TRB, BAL, FAD. Rotate theVOLUME knob to adjust the setting.Note:

If turning off the power all the settings of each mode will be saved.If turning off the ACC power all the settings will become as they were set on the plant as current.If you don’t adjust VOLUME knob within 3 seconds after selecting the desired setting, the unit willautomatically return to the current mode being displayed.

HYUNDAI H-CDM8043 инструкция онлайн просмотр


Detachable control panel

Detaching the control panel

Turn the Power off.Press the panel release button REL.Remove the control panel.

Attaching the control panel

Insert the right side of the control panel into the main unit.

Note: the control panel must be attached into the T-Joint.

Press the control panel on to the left side of middle of

it until a “click” sound is heard.

Caution:DO NOT insert the control panel from the left side. It can damage the control panel.The control panel can easily be damaged by shocks. After removing it, place it in a protective case and be carefulnot to drop it or subject it to strong shocks.The rear connector that connects the main unit and the control panel is an extremely important part. Be careful notto damage it by pressing on it with fingernails, pens, screwdrivers, etc.Note:If the control panel is dirty, wipe off the dirt with soft, dry cloth only. And use a cottonswab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the socket on the back of the control panel.

HYUNDAI H-CDM8043 инструкция онлайн просмотр


Important safeguards

Using the device at temperature below -10º  may cause the breakage of the device. BEFORE USINGPLEASE HEAT UP THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT TO THE RECOMMENDEDTEMPERATURE!Read carefully through this manual to familiarize yourself with this high-quality sound system.Disconnect the vehicle's negative battery terminal while mounting and connecting the unit.When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one with an identical amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higheramperage rating may cause serious damage to the unit.DO NOT attempt to disassemble the unit. Laser beams from the optical pickup are dangerous to the eyes.Make sure that pins or other foreign objects do not get inside the unit; they may cause malfunctions, or createsafety hazards such as electrical shock or laser beam exposure.If  you  have  parked  the  car  for  a  long  time  in  hot  or  cold  weather,  wait  until  the  temperature  in  the  carbecomes normal before operating the unit.DO NOT open covers and do not repair yourself. Consult the dealer or an experienced technician for help.Make sure you disconnect the power supply and aerial if you will not be using the system for a long periodor during a thunderstorm.Make sure you disconnect the power supply if the system appears to be working incorrectly, is making anunusual sound, has a strange smell, has smoke emitting from it or liquids have got inside it. Have aqualified technician check the system.The unit is designed for negative terminal of the battery, which is connected to the vehicle metal. Pleaseconfirm it before installation.Do not allow the speaker wires to be shorted together when the unit is switched on. Otherwise it mayoverload or burn out the power amplifier.Do not install the detachable panel before connecting the wire.

HYUNDAI H-CDM8043 инструкция онлайн просмотр


Installation/ connection


Din front-mount (method 1)

After inserting the holder into the dashboard, select the appropriatetab and bend them inwards to secure the holder in place.Insert fingers into the groove in the front of frame and remove it.Insert the levers supplied with the unit to the grooves at both sides.The unit can be installed or removed from the dashboard.

1. Dashboard2.  Nut (5mm)3.  Spring washer4.  Screw (5 x 25mm)5. Screw6. Strap7.  Plain washer

Removing the unit

Insert fingers into the groove in the front of frame and pull out to remove the frame.

(When reattaching the frame, point the side with a groove down wards and attach it.)

Insert the levers supplied with the unit into the grooves at both sides of theunit as shown in figure until they click. Pulling the levers makes it possibleto remove the unit from the dashboard.



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